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I hope you have fun here, you can meet people, post things, watch awesome videos, read interesting things, play mini games, poll...

Some additional information:

I created this website to promote certain things, My pictures and videos, my other websites like my YouTube channel. This is just a little Project.

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Who is GOAT? GOAT is a SA:MP GamerX server player. You can meet me there, here is the address and the website:


Why my name is GOAT? GOAT is a reference of a game, but not only that, also because it sounds strange, and I like that, even is psychedelic.

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If you want to help me with this website tell me please.

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Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

The Last Stand
Eres el único superviviente y debes defenderte de todos los zombies que intentan atraparte.

The Last Stand 2
Segunda parte de este juego de zombies. Defiéndete en el almacén de los ataques e intenta escapar de allí en cuarenta días

If you have a good idea for this website, tell me please.
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